3 Signs of a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Cleburne, TX

Like all the other furnace components, your blower motor will wear out as time progresses. Fortunately, some signs can alert you that your blower motor is failing, giving you ample time to act. Below, we will discuss some issues that could possibly indicate your furnace has a bad blower motor in Cleburne, TX.

1. Poor Airflow From the Vents

Your furnace blower motor is responsible for pushing the heated air from your furnace into your home. When your motor ages, its capability reduces.

Also, a bad capacitor and dirt buildup affect a blower motor’s performance. Consequently, you won’t get enough hot air from your furnace. You can find out whether air is coming through your vents by placing your hand on these structures.

A service technician can help to repair a faulty capacitor and clean the motor to boost its performance. However, if the motor is approaching the end of its service life, getting a replacement will be the ideal option.

2. High Energy Bills

A faulty, dirty, or old blower motor struggles to push air through the ductwork. Therefore, your indoor temperatures never reach your preferred levels. As a result, your furnace runs continuously, trying to satisfy your temperature demands.

If you choose to replace your blower motor, consider going for a variable-speed motor instead of a single-speed one. A variable-speed motor operates at varying capacities, depending on your home’s temperature requirements.

The ability to work at varying capacities allows you to save on energy costs. On the other hand, a single-speed motor operates at 100% capacity all the time, meaning it’s not energy efficient.

3. Unusual Sounds

There are sounds from your furnace that indicate your blower motor is in trouble. For instance, screeching and squealing noises occur when there are bearing problems or a damaged belt. Lubricating the bearings or replacing worn-out belts can solve this issue. Contact NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning for quality furnace services if you suspect your motor is faulty.

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