4 Tips for Adding Years to Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan in Grandview, TX

A new heat pump is usually costly to purchase. Therefore, it is essential to explore ways to increase your current system’s life to enable it to serve you efficiently for an extended period. Below, we will go through how to make a heat pump last longer in Grandview, TX.

1. Change Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter blocks air from flowing freely through the system and is the root cause of many HVAC problems. The lack of airflow causes the heat pump to overwork to draw more air for heating or cooling.

Overworking increases the strain on your heat pump’s parts, potentially leading to frequent breakdowns. Consider replacing your air filter every one to three months (whenever you can’t see through it) to keep your heat pump operating efficiently.

2. Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

You don’t have to wait until your heat pump breaks down to call a technician. It is essential to schedule regular maintenance services to keep its components in good working condition at all times.

Maintenance procedures include lubricating moving parts, cleaning parts, tightening any loose connections, and inspecting the electrical components. A technician can also spot worn-out parts and replace them early enough before the damage worsens.

3. Respond to Breakdowns Promptly

When your heat pump breaks down, there is a high likelihood that it will show some signs of inefficiencies. It may emit some unusual smells or sounds. It may also fail to satisfy your home’s cooling load.

The longer your heat pump remains unattended, the more the damage worsens. Therefore, consider scheduling repair services immediately if you detect something unusual with your system.

4. Always Use Professional Services

It is not advisable to work on your heat pump by yourself if you are not a professional technician. DIY repairs may cause further damage to the system, create health and safety hazards, and void your warranty. Your best course of action is to seek the services of a certified technician.

Call NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional air conditioning services. We will carefully inspect your equipment and deliver lasting solutions to help increase its lifespan.

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