Potential Ways You Can Use Ductless HVAC Systems

Is a ductless HVAC system right for your Godley, TX home? If you’d like to spend less on energy expenses, the answer is “Yes!” Their modular design makes versatile mini-splits a money-saving solution to any comfort challenge.

Whole-Home Comfort

Unlike traditional heating and cooling equipment, ductless HVAC systems deliver conditioned air directly into designated living spaces. Individual air handlers connect to an outdoor unit via conduit lines. Getting rid of the ductwork middleman puts you in control of your comfort. Each air handler has an autonomous thermostat and fan so that you can personalize the settings in every living space. Hand-held remotes let you alter the temperature and fan speeds at the touch of a finger.

Targeted Heating and Cooling

Whether you’re remodeling your home or expanding your business, ductless HVAC systems are perfect for single-space applications. Easy installation makes them a no-hassle choice for supplementary heating and cooling equipment. Here are a few circumstances where a ductless mini-split offers the ideal option.

  • Converted attics, basements, or garages
  • Enclosed decks, patios, or sunrooms.
  • Room additions, sheds, or in-law units

Financial Benefits

When it comes to lowering your energy bills, the absence of ductwork gives ductless the edge over traditional whole-home systems. Studies have shown that ductwork can account for up to 30% of the energy used by central air systems. Taking ducts out of the equation isn’t the only way ductless heat pumps save you money. Independent operation means you decide which rooms you want to cool and when. You won’t waste your hard-earned money heating or cooling empty spaces.

Not every HVAC contractor has the know-how it takes to customize your ductless installation to meet your needs. Trust the pros at NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of going ductless. For more information about ductless HVAC systems, call us today.

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