Signs that Indicate a Broken AC Blower Motor

Summer weather in Cleburne, TX features intense heat. The huge workload on your air conditioner may cause some of its mechanical parts to develop issues. If you notice any of these signs of a malfunctioning or broken AC blower motor, you’ll need assistance from a qualified repair technician.

Loud or Unusual Noises

A loud or unusual buzzing or humming sound often indicates a problem with the AC blower motor. Buzzing sounds often result from an electrical problem, such as drawing too much current. An issue with the connectors may also cause buzzing sounds. If you hear a grinding sound, the fan blades may be bent, or debris could be stuck in the fan or near the motor. Corrosion of the wires or terminals in the blower motor may prevent it from getting the power it needs, notes Energy Saver.

Fan Won’t Start or Stop

A broken AC blower motor may prevent the AC fan from turning on. You’ll hear the air conditioner initiate a cooling cycle, but no cool air will reach your living space. Because the temperature in your home won’t drop, the system’s thermostat won’t signal for the unit to turn off. Eventually, this will cause the AC to overheat.

No or Weak Airflow

A failing or broken AC blower motor may prevent the AC fan from working. You may notice only a trickle of cold air blowing from the vents throughout your home. When only a trickle of air blows from the vents, take a look at the outdoor unit. If the fan is spinning very slowly, it’s likely due to a broken AC blower motor. Once the motor fails, there will be no air blowing from the vents, even though the unit sounds like it’s running.

For more information about the signs that indicate a broken AC blower motor, take a look at NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning’s AC repair services, or contact our qualified repair technicians today.

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