Understanding the Importance of Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups

Fall and spring bring more pleasant temperatures to the area, but that doesn’t mean your HVAC system doesn’t need some attention. Scheduling seasonal HVAC tune-ups with qualified service technicians in Joshua, TX, is ideal for preparing the HVAC system to keep your household comfortable when not-so-desirable temperatures arrive.

Why Are Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups a Must-Do Maintenance Item?

Maintaining your home’s climate control system requires more than remembering to change the filter. Hiring pros to “jumpstart” your HVAC system before it needs to perform is the best way to ensure all its mechanical parts work well and there aren’t any surprises. When HVAC systems don’t run for a while, they can develop problems such as pests that have nested inside the outdoor AC unit, dust and debris buildup, and worn-out electrical parts.

Seasonal HVAC tune-ups also reduce the likelihood of a breakdown requiring emergency service and prevent expensive future problems. Having your home’s HVAC serviced once in the spring and again during fall also helps preserve the system’s lifespan. HVAC systems that receive professional maintenance regularly are more likely to hit the 20-year mark with fewer serious problems.

Seasonal Tune-Ups Help Keep Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Healthier

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is something that everyone should take seriously, especially since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates indoor air pollution is five times greater than outdoor pollution. That’s why the government agency recommends seasonal tune-ups! Not only do tune-ups reduce household humidity levels and improve IAQ, but they also help your HVAC system to run more efficiently. An efficient system uses less energy and reduces your household’s carbon emissions. Not only are you improving your home’s IAQ, but you’re making a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Reliable HVAC Maintenance Services

HVAC companies have more flexibility to schedule HVAC maintenance services in the spring and fall, making seasonal maintenance services even more convenient! For more information about seasonal HVAC tune-ups from the qualified service technicians at NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning, call us or check out our HVAC maintenance services page.

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