What Are Dual-Fuel Packaged HVAC Systems?

Chilly winter nights and intensely hot summer days in Joshua, TX demand an efficient heating and cooling system. When you’re ready to replace your home’s HVAC setup, dual-fuel packaged HVAC systems offer many benefits. Let’s explore what they are and how they work to maintain your comfort.

Fuel Sources for Dual-Fuel Packaged HVAC Systems

Dual fuel packaged HVAC systems consist of an air-source heat pump and a furnace. The air-source heat pump relies on electricity for power. The furnace uses natural gas as its fuel and some electricity to power the fan and blower.

How Dual-Fuel Systems Heat and Your Home

In the spring and autumn, dual-fuel packaged HVAC systems use the energy-efficient heat pump to keep your home comfortable. When the temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat pump portion of the system turns off, and the furnace kicks in. The natural gas furnace offers more efficient heating at colder temperatures. During the summertime, the packaged system operates the same way as a high-efficiency air conditioner. These packaged systems share the same ductwork, notes the Department of Energy.

Benefits of Dual-Fuel Packaged HVAC Systems

Dual-fuel packaged HVAC systems provide excellent energy efficiency. When the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, the system automatically switches to the furnace for heating. This reduces your energy costs. These systems also minimize your home’s environmental impact. When sudden weather changes cause the air temperature to quickly drop, the gas furnace immediately kicks in with plenty of hot air. The furnace doesn’t take as long to heat your home as a heat pump takes, so you’ll enjoy an optimal level of comfort. You can also manually choose the source of heat for your home. If natural gas prices rise, you can switch the system to operate on electricity.

For more information about dual-fuel packaged HVAC systems for your St. Joshua home, check out NexGen Heating & Air Conditioning’s professional installation services, or get in touch with us today.

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